New to MOPS

If you’re new to Solana Beach MOPS, welcome! We look forward to meeting you! Below is some helpful information:


  1. We meet in Debin Hall on the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church campus. Please make sure to park in the Upper Parking lot (the parking loop) as the lower parking lots (Lots 3 & 4) are reserved for the SBPC preschool parents for drop-off and pick-up. See Solana Beach Presbyterian Church campus map below.
  2. Take your child(ren) to MOPS Kids (aka childcare). MOPS Kids drop-off begins at 8:50am so that you may get to the MOPS meeting at 9am. Sign your child in and make sure they get a nametag (noting any allergies). Please be sure that all of their belongings are labeled when you drop them off. (If your child is six months or younger, they may stay with you in the meeting, children over the age of 6 months of age must have alternate care/cannot attend in-person table gatherings/meetings). 
  3. Head on over to Debin Hall, find your table, and enjoy the meeting! Help yourself to some delicious hot breakfast and yes, coffee! Meet some new ladies, check out the welcome and/or resource tables, and prepare for the meeting!
  4. Pick up your children promptly by 11:30am. This is a great help to our childcare workers. If you have to catch up with someone after the meeting, please do so after you have picked up your child(ren).


DGL (Discussion Group Leader) = Each table will have a DGL that facilities group discussion, organizes table responsibilities and events, cares for moms, and communicates feedback to their Steering Committee.

MENTOR MOM = Each table will have a Mentor Mom. They openly share their own experiences as mothers, offer support, and bring some much-needed perspective to discussion. They are all members of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church.

MNO (MOMS’ NIGHT OUT) = Fun evening events that are held periodically throughout the year to give moms a break and time to hang out with each other!


MOPS is run by moms, for moms. Each of us play an important part in making MOPS happen. There are two “responsibilities” for every MOPS member:

  1. Bringing breakfast: Your table will partner with another table to provide breakfast items three times over the year.
  2. Serving in MOPS Kids: One mom from each table will serve at each meeting. Typically every MOPS mama will spend 1 hour and 30 minutes in MOPS Kids twice per year (once per semester).

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP. See you Friday!