Support MOPS

Our MOPS program supported through your generous donations of time and money.


MOPS Kids Volunteers: Husbands, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and nannies are all welcome to volunteer in MOPS Kids and can serve one meeting, once a month, every meeting, or as available!  Each volunteer helps us expand our reach and welcome more moms into our tribe.  We are always in need of more loving men & women to help care for our kids during the meetings. If you know of anyone that could give of their time for even one meeting, it makes a big difference. Please contact [email protected].


If you would like to contribute financially to our MOPS group, or you know of someone that would like to donate to our chapter, here are some ways to contribute: 

Please make checks or money orders payable to “SBPC – MOPS” and mail directly to: 

c/o Jen Engelhardt
120 Stevens Ave.
Solana Beach, CA 92075

All donations are considered 501(c)(3) charitable donations and are tax deductible. Also, please check for any potential employer’s matching gifts program with you or your husband’s workplace. You can check for this by contacting the Human Resources department of the respective employer to inquire about the company’s gift matching program, obtain any applicable forms and mail them along with your donation.  For more information please, contact [email protected]